Festival Strategy

Film Festival Strategy Workshops
Liz provides a 2.5 hour workshop for short filmmakers about developing a festival strategy, programmers tips and festival myth busting.

Film Festival Strategy Review
Aimed at short filmmakers who have already developed a festival strategy and have a film at pre-production or as a rough cut. Liz provides a viewing of the film and a review of the festival strategy and budget (I believe that the producers need to do the work of devising a strategy themselves as it is a useful exercise, makes them think objectively and realistically about their work and helps them develop an understanding of the festival landscape and even build some contacts).

Strategic Mentoring
Liz provides strategic mentoring to all types of festivals, specialising in Film Festivals. She can provide a one-off focused session on any element of festival development or delivery providing a sounding board for advice/guidance on a specific issue. Or she can work strategically over a longer period of time, producing key tasks, goals and objectives.

Previous Mentoring clients have requested support with the following;

  • Organisational set-up
  • Board Development
  • Staff structure & Recruitment
  • Policies and governance
  • Strategic Development
  • Fundraising

For more information contact Liz on worldismyoyster